Reason Why Most Candidates Fail in UPSC Exam

Reason Why Most Candidates Fail in UPSC Exam: UPSC Civil services exam is not easy to clear. There is no Pass or Failure in this exam. This exam is different from your school or college exams. Beside this Civil services has always been a career dream for everyone. People from different streams of education and doing jobs in MNCs and central government are want to become IAS. The reason behind this is that IAS from its inception right from the Britishers times has been a mark of authority, status and luxury.We can’t compare any other jobs matches the profile of an IAS Officer.

But become an IAS Officer is not so easy. Each year some odd more than 2 lakh 50 thousand appear for the civil services preliminary examination,out of which only 12000 write mains and then only top 2500 appear for the interview and only a few top 1000 ones make up to the finals….with the top 150 get IAS.

Reason Why Most Candidates Fail in UPSC Exam

Reason Why Most Candidates Fail in UPSC Exam

Here are Some Most Common Reasons of Failure in UPSC Exams

Candidates who are going to appear UPSC exam need to manage time in the exam very well because this exam is not mere a knowledge test but time test also. In Preliminary exam, all you have to do is use the “Discriminatory” method while selecting one correct (most appropriate one) answer from the different options. There may be two or more correct answer but you need to choose the most suitable answer. This is not like the school or college exam. The main purpose of this Prelims exam is to eliminate huge number of candidates to choose only the best who can serve the country using their skills, knowledge, judgement, etc. Do not waste your time in answering tough questions, go for easy questions first and then the tougher ones.

When a student enrolls himself in a coaching inst (let say in the months of AUGUST ) he starts his day by going to classes after taking one class came back to home after having lunch he sleeps for 2-3 hours and againg go to another class and after getting 3 hours class came back to home and takes dinner and then go to bed. Where is the time for self study, analysis and newspaper reading. Next day the same routine.

Most candidates are fresh graduates who fill-up the UPSC Civil Services Exam form just to show-off. It is being a status symbol now-a-days. Most of us want to become an IAS officer because we dream of it. Many people after applying for UPSC exam dream that they are already become an IAS Officer. UPSC Civil Services Examination is quite different from the college exam. In college exam, you need to write the right answer but in UPSC exam, you need to write/choose the most suitable answer using your analytical skills.

many candidates try to solve question papers first to know what level of knowledge they have. This is wrong approach. You are going to do this in actual exam so what is the point in knowing what you know about the subject without learning and mastering it first? After trying the papers themselves without studying first, some people get discouraged and depressed to find they do not know anything. You should learn everything about it and master your subject and then test yourself.

These are some reason why most candidates fail in UPSC Exam.

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  1. People r just doing hard work to crack this exams although we actually require is hard+smart work to crack this all the subject matter we have to go to dept..and have to analysis the matter written in the book..the exams may be easy if we put our effort on a right place..those who actually want to serve themselves to this nation will definitely crack this exam. Not in one attempt but in another I m sure..if u have dream then u have to protect it..keep moving..don’t stop untill u reach to ur goals..our country is waiting for gud person..

  2. Nothing is impossible..u r the only creator of this world..question to urself y u r born? Yes u will..u may be fail in this exams for some reasons but in another u will win..just think in which field u can do better..whtever u want to do, do with ur hearts..once listen to ur soul..wht u want will get u..but never give up..if u want to give up something then give ur bad quality which r many inside u..just find out..but don’t ever quit..may be u quit for a minute but it can last forever..never stop learning..

  3. I am seventeen years old what can I do for exam now

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